Best gift this holiday season—your True Self


What or Who is our True Self? Is it our best version of who we think we are?

No, our True Self goes beyond our personality, to our innermost being—the truth of who we really are at our core.

We are each a unique expression of God, the Universe, Life Energy or as I like to say, Infinite Love. This is the truth of who we are: that which never changes regardless of age, marital status, parental role, social roles, skills and abilities, monumental mistakes and lifetime accomplishments. Our True Self is at one with Infinite Love, and with everyone and everything. As represented in Neal Donald Walsh’s children’s book, The Little Soul and the Sun, it is as if Infinite Love is the sun and each one of us is a candle on the sun. When even one candle is not shining, the light is just not the same.

For some of us, grasping this concept may be automatic and make perfect sense, and for others it can take some time. Am I implying that we, at our core, are perfect Divine beings?

Yes. Stay with me here. We have all witnessed the awe and wonderment of being with a sleeping newborn baby. How in the world could anyone say that this newborn is anything but a perfect creation? On a human, cerebral level, it is possible to believe this.

Well, what about kids that are rushed to the NICU with breathing challenges, heart issues or other complications? Are they still perfect? Absolutely! At our core, regardless of race, diagnosis or health status, we are all unique Divine expressions of Love.

So when is it that we start to believe otherwise? Certainly an infant crying out of hunger is simply communicating the need to eat. But what if that crying goes on for hours on end? Are we still able to see that child as a perfect expression of Infinite Love? Maybe, because he or she is still young. Maybe not, if we are a parent who is feeling exhausted or overwhelmed.

The True Self remains pure and perfect Love despite:

a physical deformity
degree of conformity to current socially accepted definition of beauty
illness or disease
ability/performance in any area (academic, athletic, musical, artistic, creative)
perceived disabilities in any area
perceived mistakes
perceived accomplishments
financial status
marital/divorce status
career status
a criminal record
a volunteer record
sexual orientation

Just because we are older and have made many life decisions that may or may not have served our highest good, doesn’t mean that we are not perfect creations of Divine Love. We have created a personality for ourselves—a way to understand ourselves and the world. This does not change the deepest, truest part of who we are—our True Selves.

This holiday season, see what happens if you let go of the “shoulds” and the fears of not being good enough and just allow your family and friends to experience you as YOU—a Divine Being of Love and Light! What a gift You are to this world!

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