Finding Your Compass = Finding Your Peace

When you realize that your life is not what you imagined it would be, it can be a lonely and confusing place. Your relationships with others—family, spouse, children, coworkers and friends may not be as strong or as connected as you’d hoped. Or maybe your challenges lie in your physical health, finances or career difficulties. Most of all, your inner compass—that which guides you through all of life, may feel like it is no longer pointing you in the right direction.
Here’s the amazing news, there is a way to turn it all around—to repair that inner compass and use it to lead you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and the relationships you’ve always wanted.
During my Take the Leap retreat, I will guide you gracefully to reveal the patterns that have been limiting you for so long. We will gently dig up the underlying, limiting beliefs and lovingly release them to create space for you to move forward into healthy relationships, a vibrant body and an abundant life.
Please join me this October in Boone, NC for an amazing weekend of repair and empowerment. Together we will learn how to heal and grow to become the women we were created to be.
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