Gone for a week and not even missed?!?!

Mommy, I didn’t miss you. I’m so excited!
I’m getting more into oneness. I don’t have to be in someone’s presence to feel them.

~Tessa, Age 9

So maybe you’re thinking… “Wow, that must have been tough. I can’t believe she didn’t miss her own mother.”

I was actually thrilled when she said this!

I had been gone for almost a week at an advanced meditation workshop. I came from the airport to pick my kiddos up from school. Upon walking in, I was almost immediately greeted by my daughter in the hallway. She expressed her excitement to see me and her equal excitement that she didn’t miss me. She didn’t miss me because she could “feel me” in her heart.

This is what I wish for myself and all friends and families everywhere—to know that our connection runs so deeply that we are never without one another despite our physical locations. This also holds true for our complete and undeniable connection with God, life, and the highest love that is present throughout the cosmos. We are always connected, in every moment. We are One!

In case you didn’t read my blog earlier this week about Oneness… here it is.

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