How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Imagine that you splurge on a beautiful, newly sodded lawn for your yard. On the surface the grass is green and there are few weeds. But before you know it, the grass starts to brown and the weeds peek through. 
Then you discover that the soil under the sod is sub-par. Without realizing it, you had placed the sod on dry, malnourished earth. In this moment, you have a choice. 
You could give up, or you could replace the sod, hoping that you will get a better result this time. (Einstein, you may know, defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.) Or, you could take on the belief that all challenges are opportunities and decide something must be done to the earth beneath. (It took me quite a while to discover for myself that our challenges are often our biggest gifts. I used to resist them and, like crabgrass, they just lingered or hid away for a while, only to resurface with a vengeance.)
You decide to do the work. You start to dig. The once lush, meticulously groomed grass is now torn up, embedded in piles of dirt. 
As you sift through the dirt, you remove the toxins and impurities that you didn’t know were there. You get into this process, seeing that it’s messy, but not as bad as you thought it would be. You clean and clear the earth and start to feel good about choosing what you put in the soil. Carefully, you till and fertilize and start to make a plan about what to do with this space. Suddenly you get inspired… a garden! You want to plant a garden here. No longer wanting the perfect-looking grass that ended up dying, you decide to create something entirely new. Something that feeds your creativity and is an extension of yourself.
It wasn’t an easy process, but in the end, you have a fabulous garden. You know you’re not done, because the garden needs maintenance, but you feel strong and secure because you now have the wisdom and tools to plan what you want to see there, nourish the space, prune whatever isn’t thriving and make changes as needed. You feel supported, relieved and fulfilled in each moment you spend with your garden. It’s a unique creation, like none other in the world!
It is possible to go from a weed-filled lawn of a family life to a beautiful garden. How can you intentionally start to enhance your soil and create your own beautiful garden where you and your family can thrive and grow? 
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