inspired to play on broken glass???

Monthly Intention:

I am inspired by my children. I learn to play again—to be curious, light-hearted and free.

I love listening to my kiddos during creative play. I am often in awe at their level of creativity and their ability to step out of what we call reality.

I recall a time in which my daughter and I were playing in a stream. I asked her to teach me how to play again, and I committed to being like a child for the entire adventure.

As we navigated the bank of the stream barefooted, I noticed some broken glass in the sand right where we were walking. Before saying, “be careful” I paused. I checked in with myself. I felt safe and trusted this whole process. I decided that if I was going to stay true to my intention and be like a child, I wouldn’t have noticed the glass and I certainly wouldn’t say anything. As counterintuitive as it was, I just returned to following my daughter’s lead.  Neither of us got cut.  I felt present, peaceful and filled with joy.

See what happens when you ask your children to remind you how to play!

( And no, I’m not suggesting you play on broken glass!!!!!)


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