My 13 day virus – what a gift!!!

sickI was knocked on my rear last month. It was so odd. Over the course of an hour, I experienced a full-on viral invasion. At 7:00 pm the Thursday before the 4th of July, I was preparing for a fun holiday weekend. At 8:00 pm, I was certain I’d be laying low for the next three days.
I told myself, “this will be a good opportunity to relax and do some self-reflection” which is most often how I look at sickness anyway. Little did I know that I’d be doing massive amounts of inner work over the next 13 days. Yes, it lasted 13 days from start to finish.
I knew that my “go-to” techniques weren’t going to work this time—something felt different. I knew it on a soul level. I wasn’t in extreme pain, but I was rattled to the core. I listened to my intuition (and a couple good friends) and hunkered down for the inner work that I know leads to peace and healing.
I know that the majority of the physical ailments that I experience are in some way linked to unexpressed emotions. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, author Louise Hay goes into detail about how our physical symptoms, emotions and fears are related. I often reference this book to help reveal the correlation between what I am experiencing physically and what I may not be aware of emotionally.
For the next number of days, I explored the root cause of my symptoms. I dug up a couple hurts from my past and decided to really feel what I was unable to feel at the time. It was intense, but cleansing. I loved and forgave the others involved (in both cases, same aged peers) and then turned within to love and forgive myself. When I took an honest look at these particular challenges, I realized that how these girls “attacked me” was really no different than what I did and still do to myself. It was quite a magical time of healing despite my feeling so poorly for so long.
The level of inner work I participated in this time was different than anything I had done in the past. So many beautiful realizations surfaced as my symptoms improved. I began to cry tears of gratitude at one point as I realized that my fall women’s retreat, Take the Leap was writing itself. The journey I was taking myself on was guiding me to create a powerful experience for a handful of willing women in October. I was beside myself with joy and wonderment.
If you want more details on this journey—what it looks like and feels like to participate in a profound clearing and healing, join me at the Art of Living Retreat Center in picturesque Boone, NC on October 14 – 16. I will gently guide you through this journey with grace and ease.
I hope to see you then!


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