I am regularly in awe of my life. Many years ago, I felt sick, overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted, not really knowing what I could do in the day to get through. After a significant amount of deep inner work, I emerged with quite a few insights and even what I would call awakenings.

I learned how my thoughts, my subconscious patterning, so strongly influenced events in my life, relationships, physical health, work and finances.

As I continued to delve more deeply into personal development, I started experiencing transformation and lasting change.

What started out as a personal journey to heal my body gave me the tools to witness amazing shifts within my family and, later, with the people I worked with in my profession as a pediatric occupational therapist.

It required quite a commitment but, over time, I developed a method that simplified this transformation process and began sharing it with others.

The changes I observed blew my mind. Challenges that typically took months or years to resolve melted away in a matter of weeks.

What I was learning seemed unconventional and, at first, I was afraid to really share what I knew to be so powerful. However, I soon felt I could no longer keep this information to myself. Not long after I started working with kids and families, I realized the concepts that made such a tremendous impact in my experience and in theirs really applied to everyone in all areas of life.

I was driven to bring this work to other women, men, couples and families who were anxious and frustrated and wanting more for their lives.

So, I decided to leave the comfort of working with a handful of people and share this information in a broader context.

I developed a unique methodology and 4-step process, based in neuroscience and spirituality, that I now teach in my classes, programs, retreats, individual sessions and book.

The results have been remarkable. To my delight, I’ve witnessed clients identify and release negative patterns and limiting beliefs, essentially shifting the lives of each member of their family.

I’m passionate about this work. It feeds my soul to help others move through what life offers them and to see them connect to their True Selves and create a life they love.

I can’t wait to witness these same shifts in YOU!

Oh, and if this is important to you, here’s the formal bio:

Drawing on her 19 years of professional experience and her 14-year inner journey, author, speaker and transformational coach Kristen Oliver, MOT, OTR/L combines concepts and practices based in neuroscience and spirituality to offer specific strategies to release negative patterns and limiting beliefs, enabling clients to permanently change their habits and create a life they love.

Kristen received her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Duquesne University. In addition to individual sessions, classes and retreats, she also offers online programs. She lives with her family in Charlotte, North Carolina.