What a pleasure it was meeting you last night! I LOVED the quantum theory that you shared with us. Upon getting home I placed it into practice immediately with my 3-year-old grandson’s bedtime routine! Tonight bedtime was not filled with tears and there was no arguing between him and his mother! Today I AM going to write down all the negative things that are weighing heavy on my heart and mind that I cannot control and release them. If I choose to think about them in the future, I will make my thoughts positive! I know this will impact my energy levels as well because I can literally feel my energy drain when I focus on these negatives!

~Chef Sherri, www.theseasonalkitchen.com

This book is incredible. Kristen’s writing is very user-friendly and I am able to apply her methods immediately to everyday situations with myself, family, and friends. Reading this book and following the ideas has given me permission to live my most authentic life, everyday. This book has allowed me to forgive myself and release habits that no longer serve me. Being more open and honest in a kind and loving way has changed my life! Thank you, Kristen Oliver!!!

~Amy Norman – Charlotte, NC

Kristen Oliver gets it. She holds the highest truth for those she works with and it’s powerful. My children feel safe, heard and SEEN. They absolutely love working with Kristen and always leave her office feeling more positive and recharged. Kristen is also a strong parent advocate and has been instrumental in helping to rewire some of our own parenting patterns, which has been so impactful for our beautiful family. Kristen is highly professional, well read in her field and, most important, she is alive with enthusiasm and compassion. Thank you for sharing your unique talents with our family, Kristen!


This book is amazing! Such a great tool not only for parents but for anyone who is looking for guidance/support about life strategies in general (take responsibility about your own feelings, become more conscious of your triggers/reactions, learn to love yourself, etc). You can apply her teachings to every day situations, not just parenting. This is one of those books that you can keep going back to over and over and will learn something new or see something from a different perspective every time.

~Reader on Amazon.com

This is a well-written handbook for any parent. I wish I had had this when I was raising children.

~Grandma Ann

I can honestly say that, hands down, the biggest transformation in my relationship to my children as well as my spouse has come from Kristen Oliver’s Parenting with Peace class. Kristen’s approach, admittedly, is NOT a quick-fix solution to the daily comings and goings of parenting concerns. It is, instead, a way of life. It’s a commitment to a new way of thinking. My mind has been forever transformed in the most positive way imaginable – due to her kind and insightful approach to getting me to see life in a new way. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I remained open to the possibility of something new, and have seen tremendous growth and positive changes in creating peace in our home. In particular, I’ve gained so much in my relationship to my oldest son, who struggles with severe ADHD. My approach to handling challenges with my children has changed, and it really feels like a miracle that I am seeing their responses to challenges change, too.

We ALL struggle with the same core concerns with our children. Our Parenting with Peace class has given me a new strength: knowing that each member in our class is now bonded by a common love and desire for our children to grow into happy, loving adults. It has given me the ability to take down the wall of pretending that everything is okay, or trying to hide struggles. I have gained so much freedom from this process. Freedom from pretending, from shame, from fear for my children’s future, and freedom from some of the negative self-talk that used to hold me down.

~Jenn T.