I am completely moved by the utterly transformational experience of attending Kristen Oliver’s Deep Dive Retreat. Simply put, this was one of the best retreats I have ever attended. Kristen’s wisdom, strength and grace exuded in every moment from beginning to end. One of the most beautiful things Kristen modeled for all of us was how to trust in the flow of the group and lead with authentic present moment awareness. This is what separated Kristen’s retreat from dozens of others that I have attended. There was a deep connection to what was happening in the room and as a result of tuning into that, we were all able to go much deeper in our own transformation. The retreat was a perfect blend of content and teaching, meditation, and opportunities to process both individually, in small groups and with the larger collective. There was powerful learning and growth through the shared stories of the collective as Kristen draws incredible women to her work. I resonated so strongly with the community of women who attended this retreat and continue to be in touch with many of the participants following our time together. Kristen Oliver is a masterful guide, a teacher’s teacher who demonstrates again and again what it means to love unconditionally and hold the most beautiful, sacred, trusting space. Whether you want to hone your awareness, create meaningful and sustainable change in your life, connect with incredible women, or simply relax in the gorgeous mountains and replenish your cup; this retreat has something to offer everyone.

~Brenna Smith


Dive Deep — Reveal Your True Self and Discover Your Purpose

When we want something more for our lives and we are ready to step fully into our purpose, it often requires a deep dive into some of our long-held patterns and limiting beliefs–our “stories.” Learn how to use your emotions, life challenges and feelings of inadequacy to reveal a world you never dared to imagine was possible—a place where you are happy, peaceful, awakened and in love with yourself and everything around you. During the retreat we will move through and transform some of the deepest layers of your story, allowing you to reveal your True Self and discover your life’s purpose.

This retreat will help you:

  • Identify what is blocking you from receiving what you most deeply desire.
  • Consciously move through and process your emotions rather than letting them linger.
  • Transform some of the deepest layers of your patterns and beliefs.
  • Allow your True Self to be revealed.
  • Bring forth a clearer vision of your connected life’s purpose.

Both retreats are currently held at the Art of Living Center in Boone, NC.

Take the Leap – A Women’s Retreat of Self-Discovery and Transformation

Whenever a group of women come together in solidarity, the experience is truly powerful. Being away from the routine of home, in a safe and inclusive space with a group of loving friends and strangers is one of the most important things we can do in any self-care practice. This retreat creates that space, allowing women to open up, dig deep, and explore their stories and patterns.

During this weekend program, I share a few cornerstone concepts I’ve developed to help clients identify the subconscious beliefs and patterns that work against them. Most of these patterns are rote – we do what we’ve always done – and leave us feeling stuck. Because if we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten.

Many of the strategies I use are based in neuroscience and drawn from my own 14-year journey of inner growth. For instance, studies show that only five percent of our thoughts, actions and beliefs come from our conscious mind; willpower alone isn’t enough to create real change. We have to access our subconscious mind in order to change from within. We do this through breath work, meditation, and exercises I’ve intentionally crafted over many years of study.

This retreat is all about becoming the woman you were created to be. It’s about doing the deep inner work and being actively involved in your own transformation. The information I share will help you identify what is keeping you from your authentic self and provide the tools to overcome those obstacles. Together, we learn to show ourselves compassion; to realize that our habitual ways of being are the result of stories we’ve told ourselves, nothing more. Together, we will explore specific strategies and techniques to help alter those patterns and create lasting change.


Bundled rate for the retreat weekends includes:

  • Three healthy vegetarian meals a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Accommodations of your choice from retreat style rooms from single to triple occupancy and hotel style rooms with single or double occupancy
  • Access to venue grounds, including the outdoor labyrinth & nature trails
  • Hot tea and fresh fruit throughout the day

Additional optional free activities include:

  • Open Meditation
  • Community Kirtan
  • Yoga on the Balcony

Both retreats also provide open time so participants can make an appointment in the Shankaraa Ayurveda Spa. Click here to check out their menu.