This mom had tried everything – here’s what worked

This mom had tried everything – here’s what worked

Dianne came to me at her wits’ end. She spent the first twenty minutes of our session relating a laundry list of professionals she and her daughter had been to—from psychologists to counselors to MDs and several other specialists in between. She had tried everything, and nothing seemed to offer what it was she really wanted… a peaceful and harmonious home, family connection and effective and loving communication.

Dianne’s daughter Madison had severe ADHD. She tended to keep it together at school, with friends, and around town, and then let loose on her family at home. This looked like making rude and hurtful comments, complaining about her meals, putting her feet up on the dinner table, screaming at her parents, etc.

Among many concepts, I shared with Dianne that when we perceive our children from a place of fear and lack, we see the same behaviors over and over. As our first session came to a close, I selected a technique (a guided meditation) to help Dianne release the feelings, patterns and beliefs she was unknowingly carrying in her subconscious mind. I then suggested some action steps she could take home, including practices from our session, a meditation and a few other tools.

To my delight, Dianne soon reported that things with Madison were beginning to shift. Dianne took responsibility for working through her own feelings, patterns and beliefs and started actively choosing specific tools to address her needs and feelings during quiet times, as well as when she was triggered. As she did, she felt less and less upset by Madison’s words and actions. Though Madison still exhibited some of the same behaviors, Dianne did not feel angry like she had in the past. For her part, Madison went from complaining about meals and throwing long and loud tantrums to eating respectfully and joking and laughing with her mom. She even told her mom that she was her best friend.

Over the course of our work together, Dianne shared one story after another of growth for herself and her family. They enjoyed the best holiday season they’d ever had, found a wonderful school option for her daughter that met her needs, and Dianne rediscovered a hobby from her youth that invigorated her on a daily basis.

How great would it be to have the tools you need to create a shift like Dianne experienced?

If you’re ready to get started, I created a FREE online class that will do just that:

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Big changes can seem daunting, but they are made by taking small steps. This class will give you the next steps you need to create the family harmony you’ve been seeking.

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