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A child’s occupation is playing, being a part of a family, doing school work and learning the skills of daily life. A parent’s occupation, among countless other things, is parenting.

The Connected Parent approach I developed and teach assists families in addressing root causes rather than just bandaging surface symptoms. Unless the necessary inner work is done, common practical tactics intended to help children with attention issues, anxiety, tantrums, learning differences and poor self-esteem are futile. Why? Because our brains are strongly wired and, until we re-wire, it’s as if we are on auto-pilot, going through the same motions over and over. Because our thoughts and underlying patterns so strongly influence our experience, we typically find a way to perpetuate negative symptoms in different ways, not only in ourselves but also in those around us, including our children. And all the while, we may be completely unconscious of this process.

This unique step-by-step approach provides a framework for parents to reveal and transform the underlying patterns that produce and reinforce the situations they are trying so hard to avoid. Clarity, connection and peace are all possible if one is willing to do the work.

In my experience, the biggest challenge parents face in their quest for peace and harmony in their families is believing that such a shift is possible. If I had not regularly seen transformations, both large and small, in my own family and the lives of my clients, I would not have believed it either. I know such transformations can happen because I, too, felt overwhelmed and desperate at times in my role as a parent. Actively choosing a different experience, and taking the necessary steps to make it a reality, led me to know that my life could be different. Life is not free of challenges. In the Connected Parent approach parents learn to see challenges as opportunities to love and forgive themselves, their children, and everyone and thing in their lives. And in the process, the hidden Peace that they were searching for is revealed—it was there all along.


In this ongoing program, participants engage in meaningful group discussions, covering one particular topic each month. As always, we end each session with a technique or meditation. Participants are then given a set of action steps to to create lasting change. Though each group is different, I have always found members to be wonderfully supportive. We share experiences together and grow together, benefitting from the continued presence of like-minded peers.

The Empowerment Program includes: a 2.5-hour live meeting, and a 1-hour group conference call monthly (both recorded in case you are unable to attend); email connections and prompts for the weeks that we don’t meet or have a call; and private group messaging for consistent communication throughout the duration of the program.


This is an invitation-only program for individuals who are already familiar with my techniques and are committed to practicing them daily. In the first quarter, we take a much deeper dive into the different layers of your story. We explore its origin, what it can teach you, and how it shows up today. Participants end up knowing their stories and tendencies backward and forward, while learning to release self-judgment, guilt and shame. In the second quarter, we

delve into the processes of extreme self-care and unconditional love. This phase emphasizes the ability to detach from specific outcomes in order to allow what is highest and best for all involved with grace and ease. The third quarter includes an expansion on your connection with Infinite Love—another name for God/Life/the Universe—and how you can activate or enhance your intuition. Finally, we move into the powerful practices of “co-creating” with the highest forces of love, light and truth.

This transformational program offers deep connections within a sacred group of people with similar desires and intentions: to fully embrace life’s challenges knowing each one is a divine lesson; to consistently implement tools and practices in order to more easily move through whatever life offers; to live authentically in all circumstances; and to create a life you love!


Parenting Workshops

I offer half day parenting workshops as an introduction to my Connected Parent approach throughout the year. Please contact me if you are interested in organizing a group or inviting me to speak to an existing group.


Free Meditation Class

Meditation, guided imagery, visualization, prayer. No matter what you call it, the benefits to our lives are extraordinary. Sitting in stillness helps us relax and connect back to our body, soul, and the light and love each of us carries within.

In these free classes, I walk listeners through a meditation to help them visualize a more joyous, prosperous, peaceful life.

As you listen, you can meditate on finding a divine solution to a particular challenge, dream of the future you most desire, or contemplate a single intention such as clarity or compassion. Whatever you are experiencing right now, meditation is a wonderful way to get clear answers and make lasting change.


Kristen is available to present at your event, meeting or conference. Send inquiries to [email protected] or via the “Contact” page.