This book is incredible. Kristen’s writing is very user-friendly and I am able to apply it immediately to everyday life with myself, family, and friends. Reading this book, and following the ideas has given me permission to live my most authentic life, everyday. This book has allowed me to forgive myself of habits that no longer served me. Being more open and honest in a kind and loving way has changed my life! Thank you, Kristen Oliver!!!
-Amy Norman

Amazing and inspirational book. Highly recommend for everyone (not just parents )! Kristen does an incredible job at explaining very deep , life changing concepts in simple, easy to understand language. It has changed my life and continues to do so daily as I put it into practice.
– Kristen Roach

This is a well-written handbook for any parent. I wish I had had this when I was raising children.
-Grandma Ann

This book is amazing! Such a great tool to have not only for parents but for anyone that is looking for guidance/support about life strategies in general (take responsibility about your own feelings, become more conscious of your triggers/reactions, learn to love yourself, etc). You can apply her teachings to every day situations not just parenting. This is one of those books that you can keep going back to over and over and learn something new or help you to see something from a different perspective every time.
-Amazon Customer