The Simplest Way to a Happy Family

So much of the time, we parents focus on our kids and don’t take the time or effort to attend to our own needs.  It’s so important to place some (or even a lot of) emphasis on yourself—your feelings, your needs and what steps you can take to commit to loving yourself.

As parents, even conscious parents, we are going to make mistakes… daily, maybe hourly. Once we recognize them, we tend to feel the effects of guilt, blame and shame. What would happen if we were able to objectively observe the so-called mistake and love and forgive ourselves immediately? How would our lives be different if we chose infinite love for ourselves in every moment? I am talking about Divine Love here—not conditional love that is based on our scorecard—the elaborate point system that we have dreamed up. When we forgive ourselves as soon as we recognize our slip-ups, we create an implicit environment of self-acceptance for ourselves and for our kids as well.  This guides them, on an unspoken level, to a place of forgiveness and self-love that opens the gateway to positive growth and happiness.

What if the key to more respect in the home, fewer tantrums, less struggles with homework, chores, etc. is that we, the ones that brought our children into this world, simply decide to love ourselves unconditionally?

Radical idea, huh?  I can hear you thinking, “How in the world could self-love be so powerful?”  When those in the household who make most of the decisions (that’s you) choose to love and forgive yourself, it magnetizes love and forgiveness to you and therefore, the whole family.

I believe self-love is the fastest way to reprogram our old patterns.  It’s very difficult to proceed down the automatic pathway of limiting thoughts and negative behaviors while loving ourselves.  Typically, the old pattern is steeped in anger, guilt, resentment and more.  Love dilutes these other feelings and they lose their power.

How far are you willing to go with self-love?  I encourage you to immerse yourself in unconditional love and acceptance.  It will result in wonderful things for the whole family!

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