Through the Eyes of Love

All through our lives, many people feel the need to tell us who we are. We may hear, via seemingly benign everyday conversations, that another finds us funny or critical. We may be labeled lazy or extremely successful. Who’s right? Whose perception of us is the correct one, the one we should believe? And then, on top of these labels we appear to receive from others, we have our own perceptions about ourselves.

We create our ego as we expand on all of these perceptions,—the physical, emotional and mental traits that we think describe us. These characteristics often encompass how we define ourselves. They include our title (if we have one), marital status, number of children, accomplishments, failures, and on and on. Some of these definitions change from day to day or year to year.

If you perceive your child through your ego eyes, you create an idea of who your child is. Through the lens of your baggage, often a fear-based perspective causes you to see your child as having certain limitations and negative tendencies. In addition, we can witness our child’s specific gifts and talents through our own lens. However, those areas don’t really stick out when we are working through challenges with our kids.

Our True Self, in contrast to the ego, is a divine being of pure love—a unique expression of love and light in the world. Who we really are never changes regardless of status or circumstances.

What’s possible when we become attuned to our True Selves? For one, we see all of life differently. By viewing others from this place of connection, self-love, empowerment, peace and joy, we open to a whole new way of being. With this perspective, witnessing who our children really are is powerful. We are able to see past behaviors, upsets and their own fears about themselves into the eyes of divinity.

So, by doing our “work” to release what weighs us down, we see our children and others in our lives with a fresh perspective. Making our True Selves the top priority means all we love and care about are blessed to be in our presence… they are seen with eyes of love and respond accordingly.

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