Do I really need to let this all go… now?

Is it really that important to clear my upsets right away?

I gained a great deal from the “breakfast reality show” I wrote about a couple weeks ago read it here, during which I consciously observed my children arguing, translated the main issues, and made affirmations inspired by their words and actions.  Everything shifted right before my eyes.  It was confirmation of the power of doing my work in the moment rather than waiting until later.

Prior to this realization that becoming a conscious observer transforms situations, I took mental notes throughout the day on what “bad” thoughts, feelings and experiences I needed to meditate on and let go of later when I had a moment to sit. Or before bed. Or the next morning. In other words, whenever there was extra time available—if I still remembered and had the energy. Meanwhile, I kept carrying these heavy ideas and the big feelings that came with them, and they continued to weigh me down.

There is such power always available when you have the tools to release what comes up for you in the moment. It’s not always easy, but it’s simple. And, of course, it’s also helpful in many situations to spend time later reflecting and letting go of emotions that aren’t serving your True Self and the people around you. If you don’t take the opportunity to do your work in the moment or shortly thereafter, you most often end up carrying the upset and burden with you day after day.

Once you know your options, it comes down to choice. Clear the upsets now or clear them later.  Either way, commit to letting go of the burdens so you don’t end up carrying them with you throughout life.

I love how Einstein taught that you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

Our True Self, the deepest, truest expression of us can aid us in releasing our ego thoughts and  negative feelings, leading to healing and transformation.


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