Go beyond just staying sane this Thanksgiving—have some fun!

Thanksgiving reminders from my November 2014 blog:

“I chose to create something different for myself and my family, excited to see this holiday from a new place.  Knowing that both sets of grandparents would be attending, I asked my mom and my mother-in-law for help.  Prior to the big day, I made a list of five things for which I was grateful for each person who was attending. (This may seem a bit extreme, but I knew I needed to be highly intentional in order to create anew.)

Sprinkled through the lists were things like… “I’m grateful that my dad likes to show his love by helping out with projects around the house.”

My mom’s list looked something like this…

  1. I’m grateful my mom has tons of experience making Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. I’m grateful my mom is always willing to help in the kitchen.
  3. I’m grateful my mom loves to laugh.
  4. I’m grateful my mom is helpful.
  5. I’m grateful my mom loves being together as a family.

The day’s events were amazing to me.  At one point, my mom turned to me and said, “Let’s laugh!  Tell me a funny story.”  I was overjoyed to retell one of her favorite stories and hear her giggle with happiness while mashing the potatoes.

In addition, I had an activity available and requested participation from each guest, from the kiddos up to the grandparents.  I asked that each person take three paper strips and write something they were grateful for on each one.  Then we linked the strips to make a paper chain.  Once it was complete, we strung the chain around the window in our dining area.  It felt so good to me to bring gratitude into the holiday.”

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