In Giving I Truly Receive

In Giving I Truly Receive

I recently had the opportunity to take my kiddos to London and Paris. It was a divinely inspired and guided trip. Though I am not sharing a quote, I do want to share an exchange that my son and I had prior to our trip.

A little background info… My son eats, sleeps and breathes soccer. Considering he appears to have this in common with all of England and maybe even all of Europe, I was inspired to get us tickets to a British Football (soccer for us in America) game as an early birthday gift. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I decided to do it as a surprise because even though his dad and I have worked so hard to not make money taboo or a big topic of discussion, my son still asks how much things are and sometimes has difficulty receiving when something is expensive. (Hmmmm… wonder where that came from?!?! Anyway, I am working on it too…!)

While sitting outside together a few weeks before the trip, I shared the surprise with my son. I very slowly and deliberately said, “I have a surprise for you. I am taking you to an Arsenal (his favorite British team) game when we go to London.”

He looked at me in shock and then placed his head in his hands as he cried tears of joy and gratitude. Then I started crying too. It was such a sweet moment of connection.

This gift is clearly for me too. To witness his appreciation and awe and willingness to receive this gift fed my heart and soul. Go Arsenal!!!

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