Summer’s over—time to focus on YOU!

Art of Living Center
Vacations are coming to a close.
The kids are back in school.
Fall is approaching.

So many women are in the pattern of sacrificing what we want and need to meet the needs of family members (spouses, children, parents) friends, managers, employees, and coworkers. That’s a long list!

What about you and your needs?






Join me and a group of women who want to shift from sacrifice into self-care and empowerment. In order to really thrive, we must elevate our own needs on the priority list. It is impossible to assist others when we are burned out ourselves.

My Take the Leap retreat is not a temporary fix to your problems. We will learn usable action steps to lead you into a place of self-discovery and lasting transformation.

Don’t forget that the early bird pricing for the October 14-16 Take the Leap Women’s Retreat is closing soon (September 1). Reserve your spot and save $50 by registering now.

I can’t wait…!

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