Easiest way to bring forth your deepest desires

gratitudeWe are extremely powerful beings. Day after day and year after year we have been unintentionally creating a lifetime of similarly themed stories, often based in fear and lack. Though it has not been what we have wanted, we are still powerfully creating—from a subconscious place. When we settle for mediocrity the universe takes note and offers more mediocrity.

When we are committed to clearing our old patterns and bringing forth the feelings that accompany a new story filled with abundance, ease and grace, Infinite Love responds. This energy of unconditional love is just waiting for us to place our order.

As we start to regularly incorporate conscious living into everyday life, we get confirmation that the work we are doing is making a difference. Beautiful changes start to occur. Our kiddos may start to communicate with us more effectively, our spouses may start helping out more with the bedtime routine or we may get an unexpected financial gift. (A couple I worked with received a surprise $10,000 check from a relative just hours after we released their story of debt, joined with Infinite Love and possibility and co-created a new story of abundance.  The woman texted me, “The universe has our attention!)

Once the wonderful things start happening, we have the opportunity to acknowledge these occurrences with gratitude. Infinite Love/God/Life Energy sees and feels our gratitude and subsequently gives us more to be grateful for. Like begets like. When we meet the gifts Infinite Love sends our way with gratitude, it signals the field of possibility that we want more to be grateful for. In other words, we magnetize more events that elicit gratitude.

What are you grateful for?  In what areas would you like to experience some change? Now, merge the two ideas. Bring gratitude in to meet the area you would like to change.  Start feeling the gratitude as if that shift has already occurred.  Once the feeling of gratitude is more powerful than the old feelings of anger, shame, or disappointment, you’ll start to experience something new.

Either way you are powerfully influencing your experience.  You can let your old subconscious patterns prevail or you can tap into the power of gratitude and start to live the life you’ve always desired.

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