Vomit happens… and sometimes in your new car!

We all want to be able to access the highest guidance available to us, right?  Being more intuitive can help us through life’s biggest challenges (or at least remind us to listen to those gentle nudges as you’ll hear in the vomit story below).

The first step is to remember that we are all connected to one another and to Infinite Love (God, the Universe, all of Life) through the invisible field of love and energy. No one is left out of this. I recall feeling very resentful of a friend of mine who saw amazing things in her mind’s eye during her meditations. My resentment blocked me from receiving the same thing. When I decided to be genuinely happy for her I made room in my mind that this was possible for me too. She wasn’t special—some sort of chosen one. I cleared my fears of lack of self-worth and asked Infinite Love to help me expand on my intuitive gifts. Just like everything in this book, when I let go of the blockage—the negative thoughts and inaccurate beliefs, I was able to bring in more and more of what I wanted for myself.

As my intuition started to expand, I realized all I had to do was ask and listen. It started with gentle and sometimes not so gentle lessons. I’d get a feeling I should drive a different route to a familiar destination. Later I would find out that there was construction and I saved myself ten minutes on my drive. This was gentle and confirming of what happens when I listen.

And when I didn’t listen, well…

I’ll never forget the day I was driving our one-month-old minivan full of kids to an activity. The little voice in my head said to get a plastic trash bag for the car, as I had thrown out the old one a couple days ago. I realized I forgot to get this before leaving and so I intended to ask my friend for one when I went to pick up her daughter. Picking up her daughter and other kids at her house was a bit chaotic so I decided to forgo the trash bag request. I consciously ignored my intuition.

About 15 minutes into our trip, after I had gotten on the highway, my friend’s daughter started crying in the back row of the van. Through her tears, she blurted, “Kristen, I don’t feel good.”

I knew what was coming. I grabbed a reusable grocery bag and madly tried to empty it as I saw her through the rear view mirror vomiting all over herself and the seat. I was able to throw the bag back there to catch about 10% of what was coming out of her mouth. Of course, an empty plastic trash bag would have been pretty convenient at that time.

Once we reached our destination, I called my friend, thinking that her daughter must have the flu or something. She instantly started to apologize. She said that years ago her daughter used to get car sick when coloring or drawing in the car. That morning, her daughter had asked if she could bring her coloring book and crayons with her for the drive. My friend said she went against her judgment and said sure, thinking that maybe that phase had passed.

We laughed at the whole situation and I took that as a relatively gentle reminder to listen to my intuition next time. The more we listen and the more grateful we are for those gentle nudges, the more Infinite Love will respond by offering these opportunities.

Many times when we listen to the gentle nudge, we never know what would have occurred had we not. Most often, when feeling guided to drive a different route or take the later flight, we never hear about the construction or flight delays.

And when we don’t listen, we often end up seeing how beneficial it would have been to follow the guidance.

It’s about building trust and a genuine relationship with Infinite Love. When the growth of your True Self is your number one priority, your intuition increases and the awareness of your connection to Infinite Love is unquestionable.

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