you’ll grow out of it

you’ll grow out of it

Guidance from my Gurus:

After I commented on a wrinkled shirt that I was wearing to a presentation, Tessa sighed, gently smiled at me and said,

“You adults and worrying about your wrinkled clothes…

 You’ll grow out of it like Rita did.”

Rita is a friend of ours, who in her 80’s is so carefree and light about everything in life. She pokes fun at her memory loss and appears quite joyful most of the time. She certainly wouldn’t care if there were a few wrinkles on her clothing.

Tessa took the above opportunity to remind me that I don’t have to wait to not care what others think. I can go ahead and release that now.

So, wear the wrinkled shirt and join me in caring less and less what others think!

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